01. I don't know how my neighbor [manages] to work full-time, raise her two children, and keep her house clean, all by herself.
02. I think we should talk to the apartment [manager] about the noise in our apartment building at night.
03. What this company needs is better [management], not a harder working office staff.
04. You need to learn to [manage] your finances a little better because you're not paying your bills.
05. His [managerial] skills are not quite what they should be to oversee a staff of this size.
06. How do you [manage] to stay so slim?
07. Our stupid puppy [managed] to eat 3 pairs of leather shoes, destroy our curtains, urinate on our new rug, and eat most of our house plants while I was at work today.
08. William Burroughs once joked that after one look at this planet, any visitor from outer space would say "I want to see the [manager]."
09. Benjamin Franklin wrote that an undutiful daughter will prove an [unmanageable] wife.
10. There is a Portuguese proverb which states that good [management] is better than good income.
11. Studies show that in 75% of American households, women [manage] the money, and pay the bills.
12. American theater [managers] say they sell the most popcorn during the showing of scary movies.
13. Before beginning his movie career, Keanu Reeves [managed] a pasta shop in Toronto, Ontario.
14. The Foundation for Future Leadership says women bosses score better than men on 28 of 31 [management] characteristics, such as meeting deadlines, generating ideas, and boosting productivity.
15. The country of Malta has [managed] to preserve its culture, despite its contact with foreign influences throughout its 6,000 years of history.
16. In the rural areas of Costa Rica, girls [manage] household chores while boys do outdoor tasks such as chopping wood.
17. According to a popular tourist guide, Swaziland's natural resources are extremely well [managed], with the result that it has some of the best game reserves and national parks in southern Africa.
18. After years of economic [mismanagement], North Korea relies heavily on international food aid to feed its population.
19. You can make difficult tasks more [manageable] by breaking them down into a number of steps.
20. If you exercise regularly, and eat a healthy diet, you will find it easier to [manage] your weight.
21. I had tons of work to do, but I still [managed] to get it all finished.

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